“This is an interesting circuit because
          it has inclines and not just up but down as well
                                                               Murray Walker
Be a part of a the Rowland Racing team for this event, experience first hand the bustle of preparing a Pre War or historic race car for a days racing. Or just relax and take in the atmosphere.

Angouléme Circuit des Remparts September


Following transfers from arrival points, introductions and orientation with their cars, guests motor down to Angoulême for dinner, followed by the nostalgic Concours d'élégance. This late evening event takes place in the Jardin Vert where approximately 30 vehicles are exhibited and judged on authenticity and presentation - even down to the exhibitors' costumes.

In the Town Hall Gardens at the foot of the former Valois château, the Concours d'état is held to exhibit the most prestigious 20 cars, especially chosen for their restoration quality or best original condition.


An early start from the Hotel sees our quests arriving for breakfast at the start point of the Rallye Touristique joined by approximately 150 cars from all over Europe. This is one of the best events of the calendar, creating quite a spectacle in the region with villagers cheering the cars as they go through - and providing the odd navigational tip! .

Each vehicle is called forward to be presented from a podium with commentary and introductions to the crowds, The tour takes you, via road book supplied, through the Cognac and Charente countryside, along routes chosen for their historical and architectural heritage. A leisurely gourmet 4 course lunch is provided at either La Rochefoucauld castle or at the Cognac air base with mid-morning and afternoon checkpoints also providing opportunities to taste and purchase local produce. Arriving back in Angoulême, drivers return to the town centre for an exclusive tour of the track for Sundays' races in one of the race cars, followed by the Drivers' Buffet at 9.30pm.


The Circuit des Remparts is the highlight of this weekend. Often referred to as the French Monaco with its challenging 1939 GP circuit limited passing, and quick straight leading into the first of 3 very tight uphill hairpins, the standard by which all hairpins are measured, some of the vintage racing drivers slide their cars round as their steering locks are too big for the corners. (Who said drifting is a modern discipline?!)

Throughout the day there are different events with competitors from all over the world in cars from GP Bugattis to modern Touring cars. The vintage events are of course the favourite for us marvel at the drivers in Blower Bentleys, Alvis's, MG's, Frazer Nash, Legonda, Delehay negotiate this circuit at speeds sometimes in excess of the modern race cars. The action can be viewed from various locations around the track and you will have access to a VIP Grandstand.

The morning is spent watching the qualifying sessions with VIP entry into the pits to view all the participating cars. A 4 course lunch is served with the drivers of the racing teams near the cathedral and the afternoon is spent watching the spectacular races on this historic town circuit.

Sterling Days guests will spend the evening with the Rowland Racing Team at a local restaurant, where guests will listen to the well-rehearsed excuses from the drivers.


An early start sees our guest in their chosen classic cars en-route, stopping off for lunch and refreshment to the historic town of Les Ormes for transfers to departure points.